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After going back to the USA for the summer, it is amazing how much Hong Kong feels like home. I know I complain about the weather, the heat and humidity is stifling, but that’s just how Hong Kong is. In the States, I missed the ease of life in this big city, public transportation is just a god send, really. I’ll miss driving my own car and blasting kpop through the scary areas of town, but it’s just so much easier to hop onto the MTR or into a taxi or bus to get where I need to go. Also, holy crap, I missed bubble tea so bad! I’m going to miss Hong Kong when I’m off on exchange this semester, but at least I won’t miss all of the nice lovely weather! I don’t think I want to leave next summer, or maybe I’ll go back to the US to get my hair done and then come back to Hong Kong… I’ll be graduating, so who knows where I’ll be after I graduate. I hope to stay in Asia!

Sometimes you stop talking to someone because you keep telling yourself that if they wanted to talk to you, they would.

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"i’m not ignoring you i just don’t know what to say to you" a film written, directed, produced by and starring me

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i think it’s important that myself and other white ppl remember that we can not even begin to truly understand the pain and trauma of what is happening in ferguson, nor can we grasp the anger and sadness black communities experience due to this situation. all we can do is stand in solidarity, listen, and not derail or take the focus away from the true face of racism and white supremacy.

this for real.

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When people ask me what happens when I eat gluten...



I always respond with a generic “bad things.”

Due to the subtext of my extremely nondescript response, I make a sheepish face that says “I’m totally hiding something but I think you already know what it is.” It ends up looking something like this:


Turns out, ominously saying “bad things” is…

I don’t have digestive symptoms (it’s more overall and contributes to stomach paralysis long-term). However, if I did I would have no shame telling someone that it would make me shit my pants or projectile vomit. Maybe then you get taken seriously!

I end up just telling people it’s like “a very condensed but also drawn out horrible stomach flu but worse” and “that the long term consequences are even worse.” 


RIP Robin Williams.


Good night, O Captain, My Captain

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also, transparent kibum to spice up ur life